Valzheimer Studio is the team of two, Verica and Todd Hupe, with hired team of beta testers for freebies and products. Valzheimer is a freelance artistic studio oriented mainly towards Daz Studio products and contents, their creation, artists, rendering and promotion.

(Todd and Verica in Houston, TX, September 2019)


Name: Verica Hupe (née Širgić)
Born: 7/13/1982 in Šabac, Serbia, Europe
Residence: Houston, Texas, United States of America
Education: College degree in Hotel Management acquired at College Of Hotel Management, Belgrade
Past career: Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Vip Mobile d.o.o.
Experience: Self-taught artist in areas of traditional and digital art, published poetry writer and critic, administrator of several big communities online, social networks and online marketing advisor, freelance digital artist.
Tools of the trade: Daz Studio, Zbrush, Blender, Marvelous Designer, Substance Live, GIMP, Inkscape, LAMH, AniMate2, Octane Render, Iray, 3Delight
Highlights: Published Artist at Daz3D, Owner of Valzheimer, Owner and COO of Elite Models 3D promotional team, partner at Luscious Sin Design.


Story of Valzheimer Studio goes back to the end of the year 2012 and beginning of 2013 with the start of using Daz Studio 4.5 and Genesis (first generation at the time). As my rendering skills developed I have started making my own morphs and characters, often submitting freebies like lights and other resources for Daz Studio, to finally register and get the Published Artist status at Daz3D in July 2015, brokering through Daz3D marketplace.

Ownership over Valzheimer Studio splits to partnership with engaging with Elite Models 3D and relaunching the promotional team in March 2015 which ran active until January 2019. Known to be Daz3D sweethearts who met through 3D art and fell in love with each other, together we run both teams. Being in a relationship together we were engaged from December 2014 to March 2017 when we sealed the deal and finally got married in the state of Texas, USA, where we now live and work together pursuing forward the love for each other and love for 3D art.

Both of us, Todd and Verica are content creators and 3D artists, whereas Todd runs the organizational part to bigger extent and his own Luscious Sin Design studio famous for the digital character Briana Baxter. Verica runs the creative part and content creation of Valzheimer Studio. Our goal is to create high quality content for users of Daz Studio, promote 3D art and promote other content creators and artists through our artistic works.

So far Valzheimer Studio, Luscious Sin Design and Elite Models 3D have gained overwhelming recognition in 3D creative circles and currently count over 20.000 followers online together.

Direct contact: valzheimer@gmail.com
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