VA2017: Marvelous Designer: My Cushion Flew Away! And How To Fix It

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VA2017: Marvelous Designer: My Cushion Flew Away! 
And How To Fix It 

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Very short and straight-forward video tutorial about flying cushions and pillows (or any inflatable objects for that matter) in Marvelous Designer after applying the pressure to your newly sewn object. There's so many wonderful videos about making some extraordinary looking cushions in Marvelous Designer, and almost every one of them has at least one comment: "I did everything like you did but my cushion flew away!" - well this blog post is for you :)

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- Video shows making a pillow in Marvelous Designer 6.5, but should be applicable to any previous version of Marvelous Designer.

- First we made two very simple pattern objects using a square in Marvelous Designer. To get a perfect square you can hold "shift" while using the tool and your object will be drawn with even edges/sides

- Second we copied the existing square with Copy and Mirror Paste to get the exacts same looking bottom edge of our pillow. 

- We are going to sew these two square sizes of the pillow using Segment Sewing and connecting the respective edges/segments to each other

- After sewing them together running a Simulation should tie the pillow together and drop it to the ground.

- To add some air volume to the pillow we are going to use the Pressure, by selecting both square patterns and adding the even pressure of value 5 to both, under Property Editor on the right under Simulation Properties

- In case where aplying this pressure makes your object "fly away" off the screen, it means something is wrong (obviously), and here's how to fix it:

- In the main Menu on top of the screen under 3D Arrangement go to Reset 3D Arrangement, which should undo the simulation and bring your squares back to the screen. You may need to rotate and move them around to bring them back to original pre-sim condition

- After drawing our patterns you will notice in the 3D view that one of the sides of each pattern is always brighter and the other one is darker. Darker edge should always be turned inside and brighter one on the inside. In the case of flying objects, usually there is the darker side on the inside where it shouldn't be

- To fix this, locate your darker side of the pattern, select it, right click and hit Flip Normal, this will bring the inside back to the inside where it belongs, and you can continue with simulating your object with it staying in place and falling on the ground

- Why does this happen? Inflating objects in Marvelous Designer doesn't actually add physical air, but pushes the pressure from the "inside" of the sewn patterns. If one of the edges is inverted it will "push" the object into tehe same direction as the edge on the other side will, and force of pressure will make he object fly away in that direction.

That's really all there is! I hope you find this short video and tip useful in your workflow and happy sewing!

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