Marvelous Designer: VA2015 Salsa Dress - MD 56th Monthly Contest Winner!

It's been a while since I started using Marvelous Designer, first version 4 and now upgraded to version 5, but not until recently have I dared to show my designs or to do a complicated one from scratch, so here is the first of more to come from my MD projects:

VA2015: Salsa Dress

MD Salsa Dress Project & Garment file for Marvelous Designer 
is now available for download on Gumroad: [LINK]

UPDATE: I just got informed that this creation WON the 56th Monthly Contest 
at Marvelous Designer website! You can see it featured in their gallery here: [LINK] 
as well as on the main gallery carousel ^^ THANK YOU TEAM MD!!

Salsa Dress is completely created using Marvelous Designer 5, draped around Genesis 2 Female used for an avatar and later refitted to Genesis 3 Female for use on Faith :) It comes in three different material versions (mostly because I was indecisive about the style):

(click image for full resolution view, 2500x2000px)

VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Spanish Rose
Daz Studio 4.8 render using Nvidia Iray

(click image for full resolution view, 2500x2000px)

VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Steampunk Reign
Daz Studio 4.8 render using Nvidia Iray

(click image for full resolution view, 2500x2000px)

VA2015: MD Salsa Dress - Summer Time
Daz Studio 4.8 render using Nvidia Iray

Notable items used in the making:

  • Faith Fawkes - custom character on Genesis 3 Female base by VAlzheimer Studio
  • HR-151 by Ali (Renderosity)
  • Fabricator Shaders by Marieah for Daz Studio (Daz 3D)
  • Merchant Texture Resources and custom edited textures.



Considering I started this particular project mostly for learning various options in Marvelous Designer 5, it became a bit too complicated for me to rig and redo UVs for Daz Studio, so I used a simple workaround to simulate the cloth in MD and texture and render it with Daz Studio, which I call a "Quick and Dirty" method. 

In short, I first created and saved the garment draped around Genesis 2 Female avatar, because she uses less resources and already has available arrangement points online for free. After I had the garment all set up the way  wanted it, I exported two versions of my Genesis 3, Faith, from Daz as an OBJ file: one in default T pose for the temporary avatar, and one posed for draping the clothes to follow the pose:

(click image for full view)

Considering this was the export only for temporary purposes, I left out the textures of my figure, but left the hair so I can see on spot if everything fits for the final render the way I want it to. Th most important thing if you try doing it this way is that both OBJ versions have the exact same geometry - pose the same character you want to use clothing on with all the accessories in both files, if you are exporting accessories with your model (that isn't mandatory).

Once that is done, importing into Marvelous Designer is very simple and Genesis 2 and Genesis 3 aren't too much different in space and posing, so the rest is very easy to do. Just import your zero-posed model as you would import the avatar, open your garment from where you have it saved and turn on the simulation to see where you need the cloth adjusted.

Once everything is in place and the dress fits, go back to import the OBJ file and this time, instead of the avatar option, choose "Load as Morph Target":

(click image for full view)

When Morph Target is loaded you will see your avatar changing into the posed position with your garment following respectively. Whether you want to do it to fix some morphing around your already rigged cloth or you just want to quickly export your garment to render it quickly, I found this to be the most efficient way. 

I have also included the screenshot of the pattern of the dress shown in this post, but i will ask you that if you attempt to restructure/trace it, please don't use it to recreate this particular dress for redistribution and don't abuse the resource provided :)

Hope to have more MD designs and tricks and tips (and screenshots) for show very soon as I progress in my workflow, so feel free to come back around to VAlzheimer Studio :)

Thank you,

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