VA2022: Born Of Dragonspine

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VA2022: Born Of Dragonspine
Daz Studio 4.20 render using Nvidia Iray 
Personal project, I tried to create my own OC for Genshin Impact universe. Genshin Impact is the anime RPG game I've been hopelessly addicted to for over a year :) Meet my chibi-cryo-claymore healer Fuyuko, "Born of Dragonspine".

Name: Fuyuko (Winter Child)
Height: Short
Age: Young
Vision: Cryo
Weapon: Claymore
Abilities: Healer
Hair and Eyes: White/Ice
Race: Presumed Elven
Origin: Dragonspine/Unknown
Residence: Mondstadt
Affiliations: Knights of Favonious/Adventurer's Guild

Fuyuko was discovered as an infant during one of Knights of Favonious early expeditions to Dragonspine area, near the Peak of Vindagnyr. Presumed abandoned and of elven race, little is known of the child's origins except that she had unusual resistance to sheer cold and she was found in great health and strength, equipped with the vision stitched to her baby blanket alongside her name: Fuyuko. She was brought to the Knights of Favonious Headquarters where she was raised after nobody came to claim her even after the word had spread to all of the neighboring nations. Captain Kaeya Alberich took an interest and liking to the child, closely assisting in her raising and training her to use her Cryo vision and to effectively weild a claymore sword in any fight.

It has been rumored that the vision Fuyuko originally had when found was that of a Hydro symbol, but that it had frozen and broke, and that when the child came of age to use it, her vision has manifested as Cryo instead. This rumor has not been confirmed or denied and is often mentioned over a few glasses of dandelion wine at Angel's Share and Cat's Tale among the citizens of Mondestadt whenever Fuyuko's name comes up.

By becoming one of the youngest members of the Knights of Favonious, Fuyuko took an interest in frequenting Dragonspine where she spent her time studying alchemy with Albedo, further developing and making potions that minimize the effects of sheer cold and improve health and performance of her companions in Dragonspine expeditions. Over time she grew into a talented healer and is well respected for her contributions to the Knights.

To this day, Fuyuko hasn't learned more about her parents or her real home and is dubbed by people of Mondestadt as the "Child of Dragonspine", or "Born of Dragonspine". Her specialty dish is Flaming Goulash: when preparing Delicious Goulash Fuyuko has a chance of creating her specialty dish with heightened and prolonged resistance to sheer cold.

Fuyuko's elemental powers manifest in emitting the ice wave around her on the ground, temporarily immobilizing her enemies and keeping them in place, allowing for heightened damage via physical force and rapid sheer cold effect for a limited time. Every successful critical hit restores 30% of HP to all team members on and off field.

Notable items used in the making:

Rendered using custom lights and settings inside Daz Studio. Made with Daz Studio, Blender and Marvelous Designer for props and details. Minimum edits in GIMP and Inkscape.

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