VA2020: Plumbob Daz Studio Prop Freebie

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All images rendered in Daz Studio 4.12 using Nvidia Iray

VA2020: Plumbob Daz Studio Prop Freebie
Daz Studio formats only

It's The Sims Plumbob! Converted from a free STL file by CodyZar (Sketchfab) [link] and saved as Daz Studio prop file with 5 Nvidia Iray materials. This file is provided under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license [link].

DISCLAIMER: Plumbob and other trademarks of The Sims game fully belong to Electronic Arts/Maxis and The Sims and fall under the EA EULA and fanart rules. Follow the rules, or use at your own risk.



  • 1 Plumbob Daz Studio prop (.duf)
  • 5 Iray Materials for Plumbob Daz Studio Prop (green, red, yellow, orange and blue)


Unzip contents of  VA2020_PlumbobDaz into your base Content/My Library folder. You will find the Plumbob and all presets under Props>valzheimer>Plumbob

Tip: The file will load unparented right above the Daz Studio figure head in the scene. Parent the plumbob to figure or move it around the scene manually to fit into desired position.

This package was made in Daz Studio 4.12 intended for Iray render engine and hasn't been tested in earlier versions of Daz, 3Delight or Poser application. However materials will load in 3Delight, but may require adjustments for proper look.

OBJ files: NOT INCLUDED. This package doesn't include OBJ files, you can export OBJ from Daz Studio with Export>Wavefront Object or use other application to convert the original STL file by CodyZar on your own.

Download Plumbob Daz Studio Prop Freebie
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