VA2018: Octopus Plush Toy Free 3D Model

(click image for full resolution view, 2500x3092px)
All images rendered in Daz Studio 4.10 using Nvidia Iray

(click image for full resolution view, 2500x3680px)
All images rendered in Daz Studio 4.10 using Nvidia Iray

VA2018: Octopus Plush Toy Free 3D Model
Daz Studio, Marvelous Designer and OBJ format

I try making as many freebies possible trying to give back to the community, and Octopus Plush Toy is my latest project of this kind. He was made in Marvelous Designer and then converted to daz Studio and rigged to be made posable. This package includes a full Daz Studio standalone character with 33 Iray material presets and 16 wearable presets, as well as the innitial Marvelous Designer project file from which he was created and 8 exported 3D models in OBJ format for use in other 3D applications.



  • 2 Octopus figures fully rigged for Daz Studio:
    • Happy Octopus
    • Sad Octopus
  • 2 Round Blob Character Presets for Daz Studio
    • Happy Octopus Round Blob (emoticon-like)
    • Sad Octopus Round Blob (emoticon-like)
  • 3 Shaping Morphs for each figure for Daz Studio
    • Belly Inflate
    • Legs Smaller
    • Round Blob (used for Round Blob character preset)
  • Pose Control for each figure with Corrective Morph for Daz Studio
    • Legs Up-Down
    • Legs Up-Down corrective morph (works automatically with pose control)
  • Five textures in .JPG format size 1500x1500px
  • 33 Material Presets for Daz Studio Iray
    • 10 Base material presets with 2 face presets and 1 bonus Belly Dark preset
    • 10 Combo material presets
    • 10 Duotone material presets
  • 10 Shader Presets for Daz Studio Iray
    • Shaders work on all Octopus surfaces for limitless combination options
  • 8 Wearable Presets for Genesis 3 Female
    • 4 Wearable presets for Left Hand 
    • 4 Wearable presets for Right hand
  • 8 Wearable Presets for Genesis 8 Female
    • 4 Wearable presets for Left Hand
    • 4 Wearable presets for Right Hand


Unzip contents of into your base Content/My Library folder. You will find the Octopus and all presets under Figures>Toys>Octopus. Morphs and Pose Control are nested under Parameters tab in Morphs and Pose Controls. Pose Control to bend all legs at once uses a corrective morph for smoother look of the Octopus legs, but legs are individually rigged and can be moved separately for adjustments. Twist and Side-Side options for legs are disabled due to the simple nature of the toy, intended to be used only with the Bend option.

Tip: Octopus will load at 100% size, which is a cushion/big toy size, hand size loads at about 20%. 

This package was made in Daz Studio 4.10 intended for Iray render engine and hasn't been tested in earlier versions of Daz, 3Delight or Poser application. However materials will load in 3Delight, but may require adjustments for proper look.

Daz Studio files view (click image for full view)

Daz Studio presets (click images for full view)


  • 1 Happy Octopus Project file in .PRJ format
  • 1 Happy Octopus Garment file in .ZPAC format

Extract the file to desired location and open any of the files in Marvelous Designer. Octopus has been saved in idle state, for draping only the legs lift the model from the ground and use freeze option on everything but the leg parts. 

This pattern was created in Marvelous Designer 7 and hasn't been tested in previous Marvelous Designer versions.

Marvelous Designer files view (click image for full view)

  • Happy Octopus.obj
  • Happy Octopus Legs Down.obj
  • Happy Octopus Legs Small.obj
  • Happy Octopus Legs Small Down.obj
  • Sad Octopus.obj
  • Sad Octopus Legs Down.obj
  • Sad Octopus Legs Small.obj
  • Sad Octopus Legs Small Down.obj
  • 5 texture maps size 1500x1500px
Extract the file to desired location and import using the import OBJ function. Texture files are grayscale and to be used in combination with color overlay. Each OBJ file has 9 separated Face Groups (each of the legs and the base) and 5 separated Surfaces (Head, Face, Legs Upper, Legs Under, Belly). OBJ was exported in Daz Studio scale 1 unit = 1cm.

OBJ files view (click image for full view)

Download Octopus Plushtoy Freebie
Daz Studio zip file size: 12.4 MB
Marvelous Designer zip file size: 1.45 MB
OBJ zip file size: 5.77 MB


- You are allowed to use these presets in your personal and commercial artwork/promotional images
- You are allowed to use 3D models included in this pack in your 3D applications for your personal and commercial renders and for presentation of your 3D work and models
- You are not allowed to reupload, alter, or use this pack in original OR modified form in any way for redistribution, partially or in whole
- You are not allowed to use this package or any parts of this package to create your own products or free downloads
- This pack is created for educational and artistic purposes for 3D users, free of charge, and fully belongs to VAlzheimer Studio
- All and any settings, presets, 3D models and images contained in this pack and are not to be shared elsewhere (but can be mentioned and directly linked to the download page at, including but not limited to forums, social networks, blogs and magazines without strict written permission from VAlzheimer Studio
For any additional information and permissions that aren't included in this file, please contact me at: 

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