VA2015: Using Luminance HDRIs in Iray

As I have mentioned in my previous post some of the HDRIs available out there for free, but with a catch: personal use only, I got a lot of feedback and questions about the good sources for HDRIs that CAN be used in your commercial work and have good quality :) Well for one, let's start with those you just might already have or have been out there forever, without you even knowing.

Quite a while ago, Dimension Theory, the name that always stands for quality, has released two Luminance packs, one for Daz Studio with Uber Environment 2 (that we all used and abused through time in 3Delight), and the same pack for users of Carrara:

(2021 Edit: these seem to have been discontinued or N/A at the moment in the store, but I'll keep links up in case they come back.My settings are still available for those who already own a product)

(click image for full resolution view, 2000x2500px)
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VA2015: Using Luminance HDRIs in Iray
for Daz Studio 4.8 using Nvidia Iray render engine

First off it is very important to distinct our past definition of HDRI in 3Delight from HDRI in other 3D applications, such is Carrara. In 3Delight not rarely we would use TIFF image format in very small dimensions to achieve IBL effect. While, in Carrara and now Iray we are craving for the actual High Dynamic Range Images that can provide us with good results in Iray. So if you used Luminance in 3Delight and liked it, it is quite probable that you will also like it in Iray because it provides some amazing soft lightning effects.

Lights used in the image above is the Luminance HDRI for Carrara as the Environment map alongside with my 2Point Lights from my previous post that I gave out for free. But in this case I simply extracted the HDRI maps from Carrara pack, and I got myself more then overwhelming 60 wonderful Environment presets for Iray straight out of the box.

These are my results of testing all 60 of them, 30 colored maps with their 30 monochrome versions:

It is really amazing what these little guys can do, so if you are looking to achieve this kind of results I quite often use my precious HDRIs from Luminance pack from Carrara, so yes it is worth the buy even if you have abandoned Carrara or you don't use this piece of software, so I suggest wishlisting it and waiting for a sale or even better - grabbing it right away.

I also packed up a quick render preset for you to use with this pack, that gives these particular maps very decent results, load these and just locate your HDRI under Environment map (and preferably scale it from 2 to 1):

Have fun and continue making great art and exploring!

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