DAZ3D: Wear Them All - Autofitting Clones and Clothing Smoothers for Genesis 3 Female(s)

Wear Them All - Autofitting Clones and Clothing Smoothers for Genesis 3 Female(s)

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"Wear Them All" was my very first product published at Daz 3D where my years-long project to make conforming clothes and items cross-fit through generations of Daz Studio finally met the monetary value :) It is available for $24.95 price, but I suggest following my store for discounts and sales.

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Product details:

Wear Them All autofitting clones are created to smoothly fit any Genesis 2 Male, Genesis, Victoria 4 and Michael 4 conforming clothes to Genesis 3 Female(s) using the Autofit feature in DAZ Studio.

All clones were made to be the exact projections of legacy figure shapes and can be used with all existing projection templates for Genesis 3 Female to fit every piece of conforming clothing from pants and shirts to footwear and headwear and even hair, as well as any full body clothing in DAZ Studio.

Package also includes six clothing smoothers integrated in projection morphs to help smooth up sensitive areas on clothes, oriented especially on the chest area.

What's Included and Features:

Autofitting Clones for Genesis 3 Female(s):
  • Genesis Clone
  • Genesis 2 Male Clone
  • Michael 4 Clone
  • Victoria 4 Clone
Clothing Fixers Dials for Genesis 3 Female(s):
  • Cleavage Fixer Default
  • Cleavage Fixer Large
  • Cleavage Fixer Mid
  • Cleavage Fixer Wide
  • Expand All
  • Expand Chest

Detailed User Guide (.PDF)


This product contains only Autofitting Clones for Genesis 3 Female, there are no user-facing files.

This product includes:

  • 1 DSON Core Installer


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