VA2014: Bulge 2! Free Pack for Genesis and Genesis 2 Male(s)

Per popular request one of the most requested Freebies of VAlzheimer Studio is now back online:

VA2014: Bulge 2! Free Pack for Genesis and Genesis 2 Male(s)

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Please note: before Bulge 2! there was the original Bulge! Pants Filler pack for Genesis 2 Males that has been discontinued, and upgraded into the Bulge 2! pack (this one). You don't need both packs as second one consists of all old morphs and more morphs were added up.

If you previously installed the first Bulge package for Genesis 2 Males, delete this folder first to avoid duplicate IDs: \data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 2\Male\Morphs\VAlzheimer

Installation: Extract the content from "Content" folder to directory where you have Genesis and Genesis 2 Male installed.

Contains 10 Bulge morphs for Genesis and 10 Bulge morphs for Genesis 2 Male:

1. Bulge 1
2. Bulge 2
3. Bulge 3
4. Bulge 4
5. Bulge 5
6. Bulge 6
7. Bulge 7
8. Bulge 8
9. Bulge 9
10. Bulge 10

Properties directory: Actor/Lower Body/Hip/Crotch

All morphs are hand-sculpted, for use with Genesis and Genesis 2 Male figures. Tested in DAZ Studio only, doesn't contain Poser files.

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